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Welcome to the East Orange Thunder!

The East Orange Thunder is a youth football and cheer organization in Orlando, Florida. We are a member of the FYFCL, Florida Youth Football and Cheer League, of Central Florida, that covers Eastern Orange County, and Orlando Florida. We are a group of dedicated parents, volunteers, and coaches looking to make a difference in our community through football and life on the East side of Orlando Florida.

Our football and cheer teams enjoyed an outstanding award winning season, and we look forward to many more great seasons!

EOT 2021 Season Update

The East Orange Thunder is actively preparing for the 2021 Fall Season.  We anticipate with increased safety measures and hopefully a vaccine in the near future, youth sports can return to a more normal arena of play in 2021!  We miss all of you very much, and hope to see you soon as we begin preparations for the 2021 Fall Season! We are full steam ahead in our preparations for next year, and we intend to make it the best Thunder Season Ever!

The current Board is actively preparing for the next year’s season, and Thunder would like to invite all of our parents, friends and extended family to join the East Orange Thunder Board.  East Orange Thunder is only as good as our volunteers, and that means you!  If you think you would be a great addition to the Thunder Board team, or, if you feel that you have a lot to bring to the organization to help it grow, throw your name in the ring! We have a lot of parents who step up volunteering time and energy with so many things during the season, and we want to hear more from you. 

East Orange Thunder opens their board up to new members every year. Board positions are usually acquired by a popular vote, which is usually conducted at the last home game; however, due to COVID issues, the board will be determined a little differently this year.  All of the positions below are open at the end of 2020, and we encourage anyone who is interested to respond to the Thunder’s email at:!  Please don’t feel like you are stepping on anybody’s toes if you express your interest to join the board, as we need all the help that we can get.

The three Executive board positions that are open this year for nominations are:  1) President, 2) Football Director, and 3) Secretary (the other three Executive Board positions will be open to a vote at the end of the next season). All auxiliary board positions are open every year for nomination recommendations. The auxiliary board positions are: 1) Concessions Director, 2) Assistant Football Director, 3) Assistant Cheer Director, 4) Parent Liaison, 5) Sponsorship/Fundraising Director, 6) Merchandising Director, and 7) Webmaster.

If you are interested in any of the board positions, you must notify the organization by email NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 8, 2020.  You will need to email your interest in a position, to: in order to be considered for a 2021 Board position. All new board positions will be announced in January of 2021.

Any questions please let us know!!!! The more involved our families are, the better Thunder is!!!

Be safe, and as always…. One Heart! One Soul! Together, Thunder Roll!



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East Orange Thunder

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